Our friendly staff at A1 Driving School are professionals dedicated to providing excellent customer service to our clients. We believe that our business is the one catering to your needs—therefore our clients will always be treated kindly, and with the utmost respect.

Features of Our courses

  • Bilingual Driving Instructions Available
  • Free Pickup and Drop for Driving Test
  • Weekday/Weekend and Accelerated Courses
  • Fully Qualified Instructor

Cancellation policy



Students must give our office 24 hours notice of any schedule changes or cancellations. If the cancellation or change is not done 24 hours before the appointment scheduled, a $50.00 no show fee will be charged.
Our 24-HOUR RULE is Strictly Enforced!
Some Schedule Changes for which no-show fee applies to are as follows:

  • Family emergencies or any emergency.
  • Student does not have their permit (Student is responsible for having their permit, and the instructor is not required by A1 Driving School of driving the student to where their permit is, nor wait for the student to drive anywhere else to get their permit.
  • Student’s Permit has expired.
  • Student has forgotten to change their pick up address.
  • Student did not hear the Schedule Dates correctly as dictated by the receptionist.

Our receptionist will repeat the schedule dates. It is up to the student to verify the Schedule Dates. Our receptionist reads the Schedule Dates from our computer. Your Schedule Dates are whatever she reads from our computer screen.


All weekend appointments are confirmed by our staff on Friday. Any schedule changes or cancellations for the weekend must be made by 5PM on Friday.

The 6 hours behind the wheel certificate will be held until the balance of the 6 hours is paid. The 6 hours of behind the wheel is considered to have a remaining balance if a $50.00 charge occurs. The $50.00 charge is added to price you paid for 6 hours and is considered the price of 6 hours.

It is each student’s responsibility to notify his/her parents of this cancellation policy.


Email: a1-drivingschool.com@gmail.com

Phone: (510)-214-7000